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Somewhere Upriver








A humorous novel set in Olympic National Park

published by Event Horizon Press


   * Can a grown man be toppled with a straw and a newt?

   * Has evolution made humans into big babies? 

   * Is salamander spit the newest weapon of mass destruction?   

The answers lie Somewhere Upriver


Douglas Mortimer, just beginning graduate school, is on his way to fulfilling his lifelong dream – becoming a great scientist. But when he hires an eccentric old herpetologist as a research assistant, his plans for a successful future are derailed. Douglas enters a world of toxic salamanders, quirky characters and government conspiracies.

A memorable mind-altering venture of wildlife biologists, revealing secrets hidden beneath the skin of salamanders.

          Diana Somerville, author of Inside Out Down Under.



I love writers who put a sense of themselves, not just their interests, into their work, and this book definitely had that. I've got a soft spot for environmental fiction, and this hit that spot, with an additional poke at the parts of me that enjoy conspiracy theories and crazy people.

          Nicholas Wilson, author of Homeless.


Wonderful characters, action, humor, a little sex, and a vivid picture of one of the last American rainforests.

          Terence Kuch, author of The Seventh Effect and See/Saw.



With this novel, the author delivers what could be defined as a comic-scientific thriller in the new category of environmental fiction. If not only managing to entertain it also manages to raise environmental issues, and in these times, it is a message not to be neglected.


          From The Online Book Club’s Review


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